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Back from a fantastic tour, now off to La Paz and thence Peru

A quick note while we´re waiting for the overnight bus to La Paz:

We made it back safely from a spellbinding, harrowing, jaw dropping
tour of the salt flats of the Salar de Uyuni, the various coloured
lakes, and the Martian volcanic landscape and desert of Southwestern
Bolivia. A full report with photos will come in the next day or two
when I have a chance to upload photos and put my thoughts down.

We (myself and a new trip buddy, an older Aussie horse trainer named
Ken) are shortly off to La Paz, arriving 7AM or so. I plan to have at
least 1 night back in La Paz so I can have a “down day” to sort out
internet stuff, do laundry, etc, before another overnight bus over
into Peru with a final destination of Cusco, where I hope to sort out
some sort of expedition to Macchu Picchu. I doubt I will do the “full”
Inca Trail (thought of being stuck with strangers for a 5 day hike
does not appeal) but I may do the “jungle trail” which involves
mountain biking, bits of the Inca Trail, and some more varied
activities to suit my total lack of attention span. Anyway that is
another country, and a few days from now. For the time being I need to
try and stay conscious long enough to make it on tonight´s bus, it´s
been a hell of a 3 days and we were up at 4AM today to play with

Oh and for everyone who´s emailed or Facebook´d me recently: I will
try to catch up in the next couple of days as well. Cheers y´all!

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