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South America Catchup Post #3: Photos from Buenos Aires

The next installment of photos comes from the magical city of Buenos Aires. Of all the cities I visited in South America, Buenos Aires was the only one in which I thought I could conceivably live. La Paz was friendly and cool but manic and slightly broken. Cusco was charming and mysterious, but slightly too “gringo trail” to settle down in. Lima? Well let’s not go there. But B.A. was the essence of cool, even as it was desperately hot at times. The Porteños were all style and attitude, but knew how to let their hair down. The food was ace (as long as you weren’t a vegetarian) and the rambling and crumbling barrios of San Telmo and Palermo just begged for a long series of lazy days’ explorations on foot, with frequent rest stops at the ever-present sidewalk cafés. Even the over-touristed bits like La Boca had a certain style to them. I was fortunate never to come face to face with the infamous criminal elements, and I never felt unsafe – though to be sure I wasn’t brandishing the SLR around willy-nilly…

La Boca


San Telmo & Centre

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Some photos from Buenos Aires

While I am stuck in Santa Cruz airport with no money, telephone or guaranteed escape plan, but still possessing all-important WiFi and a full-ish netbook battery, I thought I would point out a few of the photos I took in Buenos Aires over the last week.

Mercado de San Telmo

"For Love, Use a Condom" (San Telmo)
I think the texture on this wall and the way it adds depth to the mural that would otherwise have looked flat. Fantastic!

La Boca- Laundry
Much as I tried to despise the obvious faked up nature of "El Caminito" (read: tourist trap) I had to admit I still relished the opportunity to photograph the bright primary-colour houses littering the area. 

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Diet? What diet?

I am just sitting down to lunch at La Brigada, meant to be one of the top parillas (grills) and therefore best steaks in Buenos Aires. Salivating already!