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In Uyuni, preparing to tour the Salar

We arrived in Uyuni today after a harrowing 7 hour bus journey
involving two tire changes (one to change the original tire, the
second to put the original, knackered tire back on) and many extra
passengers in the aisles, including children and pet dogs, and some
Quechua peasants who hadn´t seen the inside of a shower in a few
weeks. The road was dirt all the way, and had been washed away at
several points. Our bags were on the top of the bus, which was
somewhat concerning as we passed through a hail storm. What was more
concerning is that we were travelling with the same company that had
last night taken a corner at speed and tipped the bus over on its
side, scaring everyone to death, requiring another truck to winch it
upright, and continuing the rest of the journey, at least 2 hours,
with no headlights. Genius.

We arrived in Uyuni, at the edge of the great salt flats, with no
small relief. We had to settle for a random hotel ($7 per night) but
that´s ok as we take off first thing Friday for a 3 day tour of the
salt flats and the coloured lakes. I will therefore probably be out of
all contact (my phone doesnt work in this town either) until at least
Sunday or Monday. But I will in all probability be returning with some
very full, satisfied memory cards from my cameras. Can´t wait!

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