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GOP lawmakers fan the flames of hate

What a bunch of utter f*ckwits.

John Nack on Adobe: Video: Sneak peek of Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop

Wow, this is absolutely mind blowing functionality that should make it into a future version of Photoshop. I am sure it will be misused and abused, but it’s still impressive as hell.

South America Catchup Post #5: The Bolivian Amazon

Between Christmas and New Years 2009 (both spent in La Paz, Bolivia) I spent a few days up in the Amazon Basin in Northern Bolivia. It was a few days of heaven, sleeping in a pretty basic riverside camp, and cruising up and down the river all day taking in the flora and fauna, of which there was a heaping abundance. I wrote a blog entry about the experience at the time, with a few photos for good measure. But I had neither the internet connection nor the computing power to edit and upload many of my photos from the excursion.

Clearly, the time is right to rectify this, and so I've uploaded a small selection of additional shots that I quite fancy. Enjoy!

World Water Day – The Big Picture

Fantastic shots – as usual – as the Big Picture celebrates World Water Day, courtesy of National Geographic.

South America Catchup Post #4: Photos from Lake Titicaca

OK, so I already posted a few (3) photos from Titicaca way back in December when I first visited – post here – but I’ve been sitting on a whole heap of shots from the couple days we had out on the lake.

The first set of shots is from a little half day trip we took down the shore to Sawiña and the replica floating reed islands there. It was perhaps not the world’s most authentic tourist experience, but as we had arrived in Copacabana too late in the day to do much else, at least it got us out in a little reed canoe and out into the lake. It turned out to be a beautiful day and even the boatman’s grumpy son couldn’t put us off having a good time.

The second day got us a faster and yet longer boat trip out to the Isla del Sol, where an Aymara tour guide took us on a lung-busting rapid tour across the spine of the island, and no amount of coca leaves could disguise how desperately unfit I felt at altitude. But I still managed to hold my hand steady enough to take the odd landscape or two…

South America Catchup Post #3: Photos from Buenos Aires

The next installment of photos comes from the magical city of Buenos Aires. Of all the cities I visited in South America, Buenos Aires was the only one in which I thought I could conceivably live. La Paz was friendly and cool but manic and slightly broken. Cusco was charming and mysterious, but slightly too “gringo trail” to settle down in. Lima? Well let’s not go there. But B.A. was the essence of cool, even as it was desperately hot at times. The Porteños were all style and attitude, but knew how to let their hair down. The food was ace (as long as you weren’t a vegetarian) and the rambling and crumbling barrios of San Telmo and Palermo just begged for a long series of lazy days’ explorations on foot, with frequent rest stops at the ever-present sidewalk cafés. Even the over-touristed bits like La Boca had a certain style to them. I was fortunate never to come face to face with the infamous criminal elements, and I never felt unsafe – though to be sure I wasn’t brandishing the SLR around willy-nilly…

La Boca


San Telmo & Centre

To see all the Argentina photos you can click through on the slideshow below:

THE TEA PARTY & THE CIRCUS – Final Healthcare Reform Protest

A fantastic, serious version of Daily-Show-style skewering of halfwit Tea Party activists, hoisting them on the petard of their own ignorance.

The parroting of Fox News’s talking points without any independent thought is dispiriting, but all too common.

South America Catchup Post #2: Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Sure, I may have one little tiny blog post from the day with one measly photo and a Youtube video (albeit exciting) but I never got round to showing off some of the other shots I got at the mighty Iguazu Falls National Park in northern Argentina back in December.

Well, there’s no time like the present:

and lest I forget, this is the hard living we had to do when we weren’t out exploring the falls…

More to come very soon.