In Peru, barely

So I managed to catch an 8AM bus from La Paz to Cusco, Peru today. This was meant to be a 12 hour journey, but ended up being nearly 16. This may be down to the 2 hours spent at the border getting everyone through entry immigration on the Peru side at Desaguadero. 1.5hrs of standing in a 100m-long queue snaking through a bustling street market in the midday sun. Then further into Peru, massive tailbacks due to an overturned truck. Got into Cusco at 11PM, as per usual I had not reserved anything in advance and the first couple places I tried were full. I ended up having to take a dorm room in a youth hostel, something I have managed to avoid thus far on this trip. It is loud and rambunctious here, and I feel like an old fart in a bar full of 20 year olds. Gonna have to change to a decent place tomorrow night methinks. Probably will have to anyway, once the other poor unsuspecting fools in my dorm room get a load of my snoring!

This place seems to have decent internet access (first time in 3 or 4 weeks I've had this) so I may be able to upload some of the Salar tour photos from here. Will have to sit down and actually put my thoughts down in writing before I start looking into Macchu Picchu options. 
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