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Glastonbury 2010 Pictures: Saturday 26th June

Saturday was rumoured to be the hottest day of the festival, and I had had enough of massive crowds in stifling heat on the Friday. This combined with the fact that there weren't all that many acts on the main stages that I had a burning desire to see, meant that I took a punt on the Saturday and decided just to avoid the main stages entirely and keep to the smaller, out-of-the-way parts of the festival (including some quite bizarre late-night areas) and just follow my nose. Some of the time I was with friends, some of the time alone, and in fact I ended up going off on a little photo journey around the site post-midnight (for the first time ever with a tripod) and manage to snag some shots I had never gotten close to achieving before. I managed to see some pretty cool stuff along the way, and was very thrilled to be able to catch Imelda May's rockabilly act at the Acoustic Stage. It hit just the right note for me. And I saw a lot that made me laugh, including the "Hug a Troll" guys below. 

Final set (Sunday) should be coming up tomorrow evening…

Glastonbury 2010 Pictures: Friday 25th June

My second installment of Glasto 2010 pictures is rather smaller, as I think the heat got to me on the Friday (and the fact it was as bright as blazes and impossible to get good light) and so I didn’t take heaps of pictures. I also elected not to have my SLR with me at night so I relied on the little Canon S90 compact, which I love as a daytime point-and-shoot but hate as a night-time camera. It’s built to take low-light pictures, with a high-sensitivity sensor and a fast F/2.0 lens, but its night-time autofocus is atrociously bad and nearly renders it unusable. But, I digress. I did manage to capture the images below, as well as some more which may be found in the Flickr set here

More to come tomorrow, as I work my way through an epic set of pictures from Saturday day and night… sure to be one or two gooduns in there as that was my designated “Photo Day”….

Glastonbury 2010 Pictures: Thursday 24th June

Here’s my first set of Glastonbury 2010 pictures. These are from the Thursday before the start of the main festival. This is usually the time that some of the smaller stages start putting on lesser-known bands, and it’s a good time to have a general wander around the massive site to try and get your bearings before the chaos of the music schedule starts to take over your life. On Thursday, after 2 separate trips right across the site to first set up tents and then collect rucksacks, we then had a wander from our campsite in an overflow field near John Peel to the Dance Village, the Other Stage and thence through to the West Holts (formerly Jazzworld) stage where we enjoyed our traditional first pints of Brothers Pear Cider, which at 7% ABV sets one up nicely for a further exploration. We carried on through to the Avalon field, and then onto Arcadia (which was already spitting fire) and thence to Shangri-La, the late-night area / small town where all manner of bizarre side streets and alleyways are honeycombed with bizarre miniature bars and clubs, with subversive street art littered throughout. We finally ended up with a stroll up to the Stone Circle and onto the Park for some tea and cookies (yes, really). 

More of Thursday’s pictures can be seen in my Glastonbury 2010 set on Flickr. 

Brothers Pear Cider and blazing sunshine… a winning combination at Glasto

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On the way to 30 Celsius at Glasto …

… And another day of fun and sun… Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Scorching hot in front of a crowded Other Stage

There are actually people murmuring that maybe a cloud or two wouldn’t be sooooo bad…

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Ahhh, morning at Glastonbury…

… and everyone needs the toilets. Hold your noses!

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Taste of London 2010

We had a great day out on Saturday at the Taste of London Festival despite some inclement British summertime weather. I say "despite" as a little June chill provided the perfect excuse to indulge in some typically wintry dishes such as suckling pig (excellent from Fino) and some warming vodka-based refreshments. 

Here are a few highlights (full photoset with descriptions here)

Glastonbury “LOVE” Picture included in the Guardian Reader’s Gallery

I had the honour today to discover that one of my old standby Glastonbury shots had made it onto the Guardian Reader's Gallery which just went up today.

This picture also had an Honourable Mention on the official Glastonbury website competition back in 2004. It's the gift that keeps on giving…