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Christmas in Bolivia, and further adventures

We had a great family Christmas in La Paz with the Irazoques, enjoying a midnight feast as the 24th turned into the 25th, courtesy of the family patriarch, Don Felipe. The main course was a delicious rich soup of chicken, beef and pork, served with potato dumplings and corn. Yum yum. Generally the local food is pretty decent here and I have enjoyed such varied dishes as trout with lemon butter and ceviche (raw fish "cooked" in lemon juice and spices). 

Last night (Christmas night) I had dinner with my old colleague Peter Hahndorf in central La Paz. It was great to meet up, swap old stories and geek talk. Then I headed back over towards Achumani, our "home" neighbourhood, for an impromptu night out with everyone in a nightclub called La Gitana (The Gipsy) where we consumed copious amounts of whiskey, and it seemed only natural to go on to a karaoke bar. Until 6AM. This put somewhat of a crimp in my plan.

My plan, in a word, was to get up and try to get on the waiting list for a 6AM flight up north to Rurrenabaque for a trip into the Amazon. Obviously that went out the window and I was forced to postpone my trip for a day. But I have bought tickets for the 6AM flight tomorrow and weather permitting (the landing strip at Rurrenabaque is grass) I will be in the Amazon tomorrow morning.
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