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Another early morning, another flight

In what is becoming a theme of this trip, I was out in La Paz last night, and had to get up at stupid o'clock this morning to be at the airport by 5:15AM for my flight up north to Rurrenabaque. This time is slightly less traumatic, with 3 hours' sleep fuelling a very short (50 minute) flight. It beats 0 hours' sleep and a 12- or 18-hour journey by a fair way. So maybe I am (slowly) learning from my past errors of judgement?


My night was cut a bit short last night as the nightclub we were going to enter (once again, La Gitana in Zona Sur) wouldn't let Eiza's brother in, not specifying why. But one suspects his slightly goth look, and his ponytail were not the "look" the bouncers were after. I had already gotten in by this point but exited immediately upon hearing this. A couple of us left in solidarity with him, and went next door to a different, somewhat low-rent nightclub. Where we got a full-frontal dose of La Paz's mestizo middle classes grinding onto one another in what could only be described as heavy petting. A couple of drinks there was enough to get the picture, and we made an early (1AM) exit. Which is why I stand a chance of feeling vaguely human today.

Of course, I haven't heard one way or another if the grass landing strip at Rurre is operational today or not. Fingers crossed…
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