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January Snow in Queen’s Park

January 18, 2013 1 comment

Snow is a rare(ish) thing in London, so when it arrives, two things happen. The first is that all transport systems immediately fold under the pressure at the first snowflake. The second thing is that everyone, yours truly included, rushes out to take pictures. Here are mine.

A Queen's Park Winter

Hardcore Sketching, Queen's Park

The Girl in the Red Coat, Queen's Park

I will resume normal Japan-trip service shortly.

Winter hits the UK with a wallop (Photos)

A little bit of snow and the whole place goes to pieces… but at least the white stuff is camera-friendly. These shots are from London and Cambridge, and are from the same winter storm which left 3-4 inches of snow across the Southeast of England and managed to utterly paralyse much of the area's transport network. 


… and to Cambridge