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South America Catchup Post #4: Photos from Lake Titicaca

OK, so I already posted a few (3) photos from Titicaca way back in December when I first visited – post here – but I’ve been sitting on a whole heap of shots from the couple days we had out on the lake.

The first set of shots is from a little half day trip we took down the shore to Sawiña and the replica floating reed islands there. It was perhaps not the world’s most authentic tourist experience, but as we had arrived in Copacabana too late in the day to do much else, at least it got us out in a little reed canoe and out into the lake. It turned out to be a beautiful day and even the boatman’s grumpy son couldn’t put us off having a good time.

The second day got us a faster and yet longer boat trip out to the Isla del Sol, where an Aymara tour guide took us on a lung-busting rapid tour across the spine of the island, and no amount of coca leaves could disguise how desperately unfit I felt at altitude. But I still managed to hold my hand steady enough to take the odd landscape or two…

Quick shots from Lake Titicaca

These are a few shots of Lake Titicaca from yesterday. More to come when time and internet connections allow.

Night view of Copacabana and Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca

Aymara Family on Isla del Sol