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Stuck (for now) in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

December 20, 2009 3 comments

Well it had to happen sooner or later, my first utter travel FAIL has occurred a week and a bit into my trip. I missed the connection to La Paz in Santa Cruz and I am having a total airport-mare. I have had to put myself on the waiting list for the 7pm and 9pm flights but with no guarantee of getting on. Also none of the mobile networks here allow roaming with my SIM card and there are no SIM cards for sale in the terminal, so I have no phone. Also none of my cash/credit cards seem to be working and I can't call NatWest to clear what I assume is a fraud-related block on my accounts. I have about $25 USD in cash, and that's it. 

In an ideal world I will run into Shane, Eiza and Sibylle later on when their connecting flight arrives. What a complete fucking pain. Still, it beats getting stabbed.