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Winter in Berlin – Photo Report

Howdy everyone, hope February’s treating you well. Just this past weekend I travelled to Berlin for my girlfriends’s birthday celebrations and lugged my camera along. I love Berlin, it seems to be right at the centre of Europe’s respective cultural and political maelstroms and it’s a vibrant, ever-shifting and fascinating place to spend a few days. Of course, by choosing to travel there in early February we more or less guaranteed that it would be viciously cold, and we were not let down on this front. One (late) morning we discovered that the reason we’d felt especially cold at 4AM was that the temperature had dipped to -18C (0F). I’m from South Carolina and not even 12 winters living in London meant I had experienced that kind of cold. But, as they say, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad preparation. Fortunately both of us were well kitted out with thermals, glove liners, toe warmers etc and still had a whale of a time. Anyway, the photos below show a rather abstract outdoor view of Berlin and don’t reflect the sheer amount of time we spent warming up indoors. But then again, once you’ve seen one blurry picture of a bar you’ve seen them all…

Reichstag Dome Reflection

Berlin Abstract

Berlin Holocaust Memorial in Winter

Berliner Dom and Fernseturm

Museum Island, Winter Light

Sony Centre Roof, Potsdamer Platz

Berlin Wall at Topography of Terror site

Gate of Babylon, Pergamon Museum

Jewish Museum Staircase

Anti-ACTA (Piracy Bill) March, Mitte

Moon and Fernsehturm, from Mitte

Roa Mural, Kreuzberg

Astronaut Mural by Victor Ash, Kreuzberg

As usual, more photos from this trip can be found over on Flickr.

  1. QQ
    February 17, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    Love Museum Island, Winter Light!

  1. December 30, 2012 at 6:20 pm

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