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More photo goodness on the way…

Hi all,

Happy New Year! This is just a quick note to say that yes, I am still alive, and there is definitely more photography in the pipeline from yours truly in the near future.

At the end of January I am travelling to the Isle of Skye in Scotland for a landscape workshop with David Langan, which, if my last jaunt to Scotland was any indication, should result in some good images. In February I am going on a short city break to Berlin, which is also quite photogenic. Finally, in the next month I will be going on various short work trips to Casablanca, Lagos (Nigeria) and Riyadh so I imagine one or two photos might come out of those locations as well.

I am also toying with the thought of doing some “From the Archives” posts to highlight some of my older, pre-blog-era photography.

So stay tuned, there is definitely more to come.


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