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Knackered and photo-less

I am utterly cream-crackered after today´s hike across Isla del Sol in Lake Titicaca. We had a very patient guide, but you haven´t lived till you´ve tried a 1 in 4 grade in the beating sunshine at 4000 metres. Didn´t vomit, which I attribute to the presence of the ball of coca leaves that we all had tucked into our cheeks. But it was an utterly great experience, we learned a lot, saw some jaw-dropping views and caught some more sun. Clearly, I also took a lot of photos. We learned from our Aymara guide that the proper Tiwanako name for Titicaca is actually Titicarka, and that Titicaca was a bastardization of the Conquistadores, likely meant as a sign of disrespect.
Apologies for the lack of pictures the last couple of days, I have run into a variety of internet bandwidth and hardware issues. Sure they will be up before too long, though I may have to drip feed them.
Back to La Paz for Christmas with Shane and Eiza and Eiza´s family tomorrow, then I am giving serious thought to going up to Rurrenabaque, in Northern Bolivia, to see some proper jungle, then returning to La Paz for New Years Eve.
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