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The Chicken Bus Boat

So here we are, still on the bus, in manner of speaking. We got to the edge of Lake Titicaca where there was a ferry landing and most people disembarked the bus, clearly knowing something we didn’t. I got off to investigate (also needing a pee) and found the other passengers buying separate tickets to cross to the other side on a launch rather than waiting for the bus. I queued for a ticket only to see the bus pull off in the other direction with Sibylle and all our bags still onboard. I had to peg it after the bus, and by the time I caught up it was being loaded onto a very rickety looking single-space ferry platform. I hopped on and managed to get the somewhat surprised bus driver to open up for me, but by then the platform was disembarking and we were stuck onboard. We chalked this up as one of these travel experiences. But it doesn’t change the fact that we are crossing a lake in a bus with bits of lumber underneath. Backwards. And I still have to pee.

And from underneath one of the seats ahead of us, comes the unmistakeable clucking sound of a pathetically frightened chicken.

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