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Returning to Buenos Aires

Had a somewhat chilled morning yesterday after my failed attempt to enter Brazil, wherein I decided that paying 150 US was not worth it for a 2 hour visit. Ah, the joys of being a Yank abroad!

So we made do with a bit more poolside lounging at the excellent Iguazu Jungle Lodge before heading into town to catch our bus. A slight detour to the best pizzeria in town, where we ordered large pizzas so we’d have leftovers for the bus. Our previous experience of the onboard dinner (mystery meat, vegetables an abomination of nature) suggested this was a rational course of action.

Here followed (and continues) another largely comfortable first class 16 hour bus ride through the night, only this tme punctuated – 5 times – by Gendarmaria Nacional checkpoints, where serious looking men with fatigues and guns would conduct a serious looking but impotent search, one assumes for dodgy drug mules, but why dodgy drugs types would choose to smuggle on the first class bus is a mystery. In any case soon we will be returning to BA and then back to Quilmes for what is sure to be a whirlwind day with Pierce and Laura’s civil ceremony and the attendant festivities.

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