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In the lap of (jungle) luxury

After a surprisingly-comfortable and well-rested 15-hour overnight bus journey from Buenos Aires, we arrived in Puerto Iguazu, a rough and ready little town where locals and tourists seem to intermingle freely. 

We are staying in a very swish joint called the Iguazu Jungle Lounge just on the edge of town. Our jaws all dropped when we saw the huge and irresistible swimming pool, but our eyes all popped out of our heads when we saw our "cabana", a 2-floor epic of a house with views out into the jungle and the Rio Iguazu beyond. We wasted no time hitting the pool and no sooner had we arrived than the sun came out to greet us, along with a 2-foot tiger-striped lizard who loped across the far side of the pool as if to remind us that, gin and tonics or not, we were in the jungle. 

So a rest day today, going to take it easy before the adventure of Iguazu Falls tomorrow…

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