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Preparing for South America

So what do you take for a 7 week trip to 3 or 4 different countries with climate varying from summer sunshine to Andean thin air and chill, from a semi-formal wedding in Buenos Aires to trekking in Peru, from urban exploration to rural endurance?

More to the point, how does a tech-addict and camera geek such as myself adequately strike the balance between taking too much gear and not taking something that would really enable me to capture and share snippets of my experiences in a satisfactory manner?

I think I am gradually coming back to the less is more theory on the clothes. I am not going to be a walking North Face ad; I am going to take comfortable clothes and if I have to pick something up there, so be it. Though I am taking my Scarpa boots – they are just awesome. But the full waterproof shells can stay in the closet here.

Still struggling with the tech/photo gear though. My daypack (an excellent combo photo/daypack from Crumpler) is already fairly heavy loaded for bear with: 
  • Canon EOS 40D body
  • Canon 17-40mm F4L 
  • Canon 28-135mm F3.5-5.6
  • Canon 70-300mm (the cheap one)
  • Canon S90 pro compact (just getting to grips with this, but excellent so far)
  • Olympus water / shockproof compact (crap pictures, but could come in handy)
  • Asus EEE PC netbook (for posting, surfing, photo editing and boredom relief on 16 hour bus journeys)
  • Guidebook
Never mind all the chargers, adaptors, batteries, cleaning supplies etc it takes to keep all of the above running. 

But I would be kicking myself if I didn't have the right tools to get into the photo-groove when I get there. The netbook is the only real indulgence, but I won't be taking it out with me during the day (that's what hotel safes are for) and it doesn't weigh much anyway. And I am typing this post on it, so I already know it will come in handy. 

I am still struggling on whether to leave behind the 70-300mm cheapie lens and swap in my 70-200mm F2.8L which is a muuuuuch nicer lens but is A) expensive and B) big and heavy. I think I am gonna have to get by without it. Not like I'd be pulling it out in a crowded market in Peru anyway….

Since this is my first proper post using Posterous I really should include a photo, so here's one I shot yesterday while out testing the new S90 compact: 

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